Dental Payment Options

To make dental fee payments more accessible for our patients, we accept IHP & AIA Dental Insurance, Medisave, CHAS and The Baby Bonus Scheme Singapore at DentalPlus Clinic.

We accept the following payment options

Dental cash payments - Dentalplus Singapore


Nets payment - dentalplus Singapore


We also accept the following indirect dental payment options:

AIA dental Insurance

IHP & AIA Dental Insurance

DentalPlus at Telok Blangah is an AIA accredited clinic. Patients with AIA dental coverage can enjoy treatment under AIA coverage. […]

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Medisave dental claim


DentalPlus clinic is CPF Medisave accredited for dental surgery. Approved procedures include: wisdom teeth surgery, dental implants and biopsy. […]

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Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

We also provide subsidized co-payment outpatient dental services under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). […]

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The Baby Bonus Scheme Singapore

DentalPlus is a Baby Bonus approved institution. Funds from CDA accounts can be used for dental treatment of the child and their siblings. […]

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DentalPlus Clinic provides expert care, in-house specialists, and facilitates insurance/Subsides claims. Online appointment booking is available for new and existing patients.

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