Dental Implants

Restore your smile with dental implants. Eat, talk and chew better with ease and comfort. Dental implants are designed to fuse with bone, and they become lifelong replacements.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are devices that replace the roots of missing teeth. They are used to support crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants are placed in your jawbone by surgery. Most of the time, implants feel more natural and secure than other methods of replacing missing teeth, such as dentures.

Using Medisave for dental implants

At DentalPlus, your dental implant treatment will be Medisave claimable. After consulting with our dentist, your condition will be assessed and you will be informed of the recommended treatment plan and costs. Once ready, the dental implant surgery will be handled by our oral surgery specialist.

As a CPF Medisave accredited clinic, patients are able to use Medisave
to pay for their dental implant surgery at Smilepoint Dental.

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Dental Implant Surgery Procedure


The dentist will evaluate the area in which there are missing tooth/teeth before taking an X-ray. If you are a poor candidate for implants, other options would include dentures and bridges. The most commonly used implant procedure is a “staged surgery” procedure.

dental implant

Stage 1:

The first stage consists of placing the implant into the bone, below the gum line and waiting for it to heal. An injection (local anaesthetic) will be administered, and an incision will be made into the gums. Thereafter, the implant will be drilled into the bone. You will feel numb during the whole procedure. The stitches will be placed, and you will come back for a review appointment. The healing process may take a couple of months or longer.


Stage 2:

When the implant has fused into the bone, the dentist will surgically expose the top of the implant to place a healing abutment in. This looks like a post and allows the gums to heal around it. When the implant has successfully integrated into the bone, the final stage involves fabricating a crown to the implant.

Depending on a case-by-case basis, certain steps may be skipped.


Benefits of Dental Implants in Singapore

  • Feel — because implants are embedded in your bone, they feel more like your natural teeth than bridges or dentures.
  • Convenience — you will not need to worry about denture adhesives or having your dentures slip, click or fall out when you speak.
  • Nutrition — you will be able to chew better with implants. Chewing can be difficult with regular dentures, especially ones that don’t fit perfectly. A regular upper denture also covers your palate, which can reduce your sense of taste.
  • Self-esteem — because implants are so much like your natural teeth, you will think about them less. There is no need to worry about denture problems or people noticing that you have missing teeth! Regular dentures can also affect your speech, which can make you less self-confident when talking to others.


Taking care after dental implants

Caring for dental implants every day is quite comparable to caring for natural teeth.However, the health of the implants and your teeth around them depend heavily on your own meticulous attention to oral hygiene.

  • For the first few days after surgery, avoid strenuous exercise like running, sports, and heavy lifting
  • Do not eat for 24 hours and avoid hot meals and drinks
  • Avoid touching it
  • Smoking and drinking will slow healing
  • Avoid brushing the surgery site for several days. Use a cotton bud and the appropriate mouthwash to gently clean it
  • Oral surgery requires clean teeth. Use the suggested mouthwash three or four times daily. This aids wound healing
  • For the first week, avoid wearing a denture that covers the surgical site to protect it
  • Please finish antibiotics if prescribed. 
  • Avoid blowing your nose for two weeks following a sinus lift or upper back tooth implants
  • Avoid flying and swimming for two weeks after surgery, and sneeze through your mouth.

Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have good general health, dental implants will certainly work for you. Habits such as heavy drinking or smoking can increase problems associated with initial healing, and influence the long-term health of gum and bone surrounding each implant.

Most patients will be very familiar with the dental anaesthetics used for routine dentistry and will know how effective they are. Implants are placed using the same anaesthesia.
Since the surgery normally involves exposing the bone in the area where the dental implant and/or bone graft is to be placed, you will expect some minor swelling and occasional bruising afterwards.

For most patients, any of the simple painkillers you might take for a headache will be all that is needed for a few days. If you experience more discomfort than this, contact your dentist who can prescribe a stronger medication.

During the first few days, you should report any unexpected levels of pain or swelling so that it can be assessed. If in doubt, always ask for advice, as early detection of a problem will often lead to a simpler solution. You may also be asked to take a course of antibiotics and to follow some simple procedures such as rinsing with salt water or an antiseptic mouth rinse. It is important that you carry out these instructions.

Insurance & Subsidies

AIA dental Insurance


DentalPlus Clinic is an AIA accredited clinic. Patients with AIA Dental coverage can enjoy treatment under AIA coverage.

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Medisave dental claim


We are CPF Medisave accredited for dental surgery. Approved procedures include wisdom teeth surgery, dental implants and biopsy.

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We also provide subsidized co-payment inclusive to outpatient dental services under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). 

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Baby Bonus Scheme CDA

We are a Baby Bonus approved institution. Funds from CDA accounts can be used for dental treatment of the child and their siblings.

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Ilham Najib Kadiri
Ilham Najib Kadiri
The staff at dentaplus are highly professional and soooo accommodating who cater to your every need - from lost items to getting you appointment on the day you want to even the time you want even lending a listening ear to your problems of not making up to the time they suggest for the appointment. In my whole life I never experienced such service from any clinics . I highly recommend this clinic and the staff worth a visit. You know you are in safe hands as soon as you open that door. Particularly writing this review since my son threw by mistake my diamond studded gold jewellery into the clinics dustbin thinking it’s trash. But the staff was soooo kind enough to retrieve it for me. May God bless such people more and more. Heartiest blessings and all the success to all the staff at Dentaplus. Thankyou guys. You made my day
Scaly Pangolin
Scaly Pangolin
Skilful dentist that is gentle with the dental cleaning. DR Theresa is nimble with her dental work and response positively to her patients.
Stephan Kirk
Stephan Kirk
Timely, professional, thorough and reasonably priced. Dr. Mark was great. What else could you ask for in a consultation and cleaning? I’ve already scheduled my next 6 month cleaning.
John Lim
John Lim
Dr Mabel is friendly and competent. Takes time to patiently explain and answer all my questions.
Brandon Tan
Brandon Tan
A very professional dental clinic and whole dental cleaning process was very thorough
Sally Tham
Sally Tham
Wish to give good comments on Dr Mark. I visited the clinic on 15 August at 11.30am.He is friendly,patience, soft spoken,trustful talented and professional doctor. He is able to give e good advise. You Receptionist staff Fasmitha also very kind ful and helpful pls sent my remarks to Dr Mark and appreciate service he gave. Will recommend friends to your clinic in future From Mdm Tham
Sou J
Sou J
The experience in Dentalplus from reception staff to dentist and dental assistant was good. The place is clean and well maintained. Dentist was assuring and knowledgeable.
I have been a dental patient ever since DentalPlus was started by Dr Audrey Ng. Caring, patience professional competencies are hallmarks of the clinic. Have been treated by Dr Lynn n Dr Mabel. The latter , who did a dental crown for my molar, did a very good job. She is gentle, reassuring n explained every step in her procedures. The admin and nursing staff are also pleasant and courteous towards their patients. Well Done! 👍 👍.
Samantha Wong
Samantha Wong
Dr Mable is the best dentist I’ve ever met. She is gentle, patience, easy to talk to and passionate about providing care.

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