What You Need To Know About Oral Surgery

Oral surgery encompasses a wide range of procedures. In Singapore, there are certain oral surgical procedures that are Medisave-claimable (full or partial). The most commonly known procedure is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery. You can learn more about Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery here. At DentalPlus Clinic, we have a specialist – Oromaxillofacial surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth. If a tooth is very decayed and broken down, it may also require removal via oral surgery.

Another oral surgical procedure is Frenectomy – removal of the Frenum muscle, which may be required post-braces treatment to prevent a gap between front teeth from occurring again. Frenectomy might also be performed if the patient is “tongue-tied” resulting in reduced mobility of the tongue. Oral pathology such as growths or suspicious lesions in your mouth may require surgical removal for biopsy and diagnostic purposes.
Other oral surgical procedures include gum and bone grafting to address gum recession or bone loss. If there is a jaw misalignment, surgery may also be required to achieve a good bite and aesthetic smile in conjunction with braces treatment.
Dental Implants which are used nowadays to replace missing teeth also require oral surgical placement. Learn more about implant procedures here.