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DentalPlus Clinic is a family-oriented dental practice focused on delivering excellent service and our employees are one of the key success factors. Apply for dental jobs in Singapore.

Happy employees make happy patients, which is why we take pride in our employees’ well-being. Our employees are key to sustaining our brand’s reputation in the industry and if you’re looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career, join us! We’re looking for suitable candidates for a range of dental jobs in Singapore.

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Dental Jobs in Singapore – DentalPlus Clinic


Passionate about promoting good oral and dental hygiene while delivering high standards of care to our patients. (Board certification, required qualification… etc.)

Dental Hygiene

Oral Health Therapist

Promotes good oral and dental hygiene by carrying out basic dental treatments for our patients, such as scaling and polishing, oral care and maintenance.

Wisdom tooth assessment at Smilepoint Dental

Dental Assistant Jobs (Clinical)

Ensures a seamless appointment-booking process at the clinic and assists the dental team during dental procedures. Has a customer-first mindset, as well as good communication and management skills.

dental payment options

Patient Relations

Attends to patients’ inquiries in a timely manner. Upholds the clinic’s philosophy and promotes excellent customer care to patients. Good communication and management skills are required.

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