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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an outer shell placed as a covering to a damaged tooth to restore its shape, strength, and function.

This is is recommended for teeth that are severely decayed, broken, weakened or cracked. They look identical to natural teeth and are made from porcelain, metal, gold or a combination of the three.

Dental crowns can also be placed on teeth where fillings repeatedly dislodge as a more definitive form of treatment. They are also routinely placed on back teeth that have been root canal treated as they are brittle and susceptible to cracks.

When is a Dental Crown required?

It is generally needed to reinforce and give strength to teeth. These instances include:
  • After root canal treatment to protect brittle teeth to prevent fracture
  • To mask discolored teeth
  • To restore teeth fractured in accidents / trauma
  • To reinforce a large filling which cannot withstand occlusal forces without fracturing
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Dental Crown Process in Singapore

Stage 1

Examination and assessment of the tooth structure and colour. In order to assess if a tooth is suitable for a crown, sometimes the existing filling may have to be removed and replaced with a new filling. X-rays will have to be taken to aid in the overall assessment. Local anaesthetic (an injection) will have to be used if the tooth is not root canal treated. Some numbing cream will be placed on your gums before you have an injection.  You will feel numb which is a sensation of feeling ‘fat’ in that area.


Stage 2

First, the tooth is reshaped to specific dimensions. Then, an impression of your teeth will be taken by biting on a material that feels similar to playdough for a few minutes. The dentist will construct a temporary crown for you. This will be placed on your tooth with temporary cement. The impression will be sent to a dental laboratory, where the dental crown is fabricated. Some sensitivity may be experienced if the tooth is not root canal treated. As the crown is only temporary, extra care must be taken during eating, brushing, and flossing.


Stage 3

Finally, the temporary crown will be removed. The tooth is cleaned, and the dental crown will be fitted and checked. Some minor adjustments to the bite may be necessary. A small X-ray may also be taken. If satisfactory, this crown will be cemented in place with extremely strong cement.

Advantages and Disadvantages


As a permanent solution
Dental crowns offer a number of advantages over dentures. Infection around crowns is easy to avoid with regular brushing and flossing.
Getting a crown is a simple process
Since nerves and gums are not involved, procedure is minimally invasive. Dental crowns function on the tooth’s surface, reducing infection risk and healing time.
Crowns preserve healthy enamel
Dental crowns are the final step of a restorative treatment and crowns preserve healthy enamel and prevent decay and damage to teeth.
Your crown is made just for you Because they match your teeth in size, color, and shape.
Crowns can make teeth look better again
Crowns on teeth last for a long time


Increased heat and cold sensitivity: Unlike dentures or bridges, dental crowns do not permanently restore nerve endings, which may cause discomfort. After a few days, this sensitivity usually disappears. Analgesics may help the sufferer.
Damage to the tooth below: Bacteria can accumulate under a loose crown and infect the tooth below. Antibiotics and crown cleaning eliminate the infection.
More tooth trimming: Some crowns require extensive tooth trimming to achieve a better fit. 


Post-op Care

Temporary crown wearers may experience pain after getting a permanent one. The nerve touches the permanent crown. The doctor will prescribe necessary medication. The patient must not exceed the dosage. Nicotine in the blood delays healing, so cease smoking for a few days. Avoid drinking when taking medication because it may interact toxically. Aftercare is crucial the day after surgery. To reduce facial swelling, apply a cold compress to the affected side.

The Diet 

After surgery, avoid hot drinks like coffee and tea for at least three days. Patients can have cold soup which does not have crunchy vegetables.
Avoid hard foods and gum until the crown sets. Pasta, bananas, and applesauce are good chewing foods.

Dental Crown vs Dental Veneer

The difference between a crown and a veneer is how much tooth it covers. Crowns tend to encase the entire tooth. In contrast, veneers only cover the front surface. Commonly used for aesthetic reasons, veneers offer minimal protection as compared to crowns. They are usually placed on teeth whose underlying tooth structure is healthy and strong.

It is necessary when a tooth has broken down due to the following reasons:

  • After root canal treatment to protect brittle teeth from fracture
  • To mask discoloured or very misshaped teeth
  • When there is a crackline so the crown can hold the tooth together
  • To reinforce a large filling which cannot withstand forces without fracturing
dental crown vs dental veneers

Insurance & Subsidies

AIA dental Insurance


DentalPlus Clinic is an AIA accredited clinic. Patients with AIA Dental coverage can enjoy treatment under AIA coverage.

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Medisave dental claim


We are CPF Medisave accredited for dental surgery. Approved procedures include wisdom teeth surgery, dental implants and biopsy.

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We also provide subsidized co-payment inclusive to outpatient dental services under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). 

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Baby Bonus Scheme CDA

We are a Baby Bonus approved institution. Funds from CDA accounts can be used for dental treatment of the child and their siblings.

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Jennet Haling
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Benson Lee
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Elyn Teoh
Overall have a good experience and treatment with Dentalplus. Friendly peoples :)
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Rosita Edwards
I am very happy with my dental experience at Dental Plus Clinic at Telok Blangah. Dr Therese was very professional and always smiling so gave me confidence as I really am paranoid just listening to the machine. She will ask me how I feel and to show my hand if I am uncomfortable. Dr Therese will also tell me what she is going to do beforehand. I am pleased that I have indeed found a dental clinic to take care of me. I am also please that their front desk representative is very kind and gentle too.
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David Sam
The dentist has been very attentive, informing every step she will take. She also prompted me to hand up if feel discomfort. Throughout scaling, she was gentle in treatment. Highly recommended as a dental servicing place.
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Ong Junxiang
Dentist (Dr. Mabel) and assistant were professional, friendly and meticulous in their work. Receptionist was polite and prompt. Timely reminders were also given well before the actual appointment date. Rescheduling process was also smooth and convenient. 5/5 👍
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Abdul Jalil
To put it simple and straight forward, DentalPlus, a dental clinic you will feel safe to go to. From welcoming to experience to professionalism, service. Calm and smiling reception, very welcoming. Greeting and readily listening Dental Practitioner. Understands and confirms issue, explains in a easy to understand term, asks before proceeding to next procedure. It takes away the patient's anxiety of the dental treatment. Very assuring, taking time to treat you in best way possible. Made me feel at ease. No time or money wasted here and very pleased with the care and treatment received. The premise is immaculate. Will highly recommend DentalPlus to anyone at the next opportunity.
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Sarah Bupe
Went to the clinic last week. I was attended by Dr Mabel. Found the whole experience rather pleasant even though i was in pain with a toothache. Dr Mabel was very clear with her explanations and gentle with her procedures. For once, my phobia for dentists diminished . Would definitely be going back to Dentalplus for my regular check ups.

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