Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction is an oral surgery procedure. It’s often recommended to prevent more serious dental problems. Dentalplus Is a Medisave Accredited Clinic by Moh and Cpf for Wisdom Tooth Surgery.

What are wisdom teeth?

Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are found on each of the four corners of our jaws and are usually the last teeth to develop. While wisdom teeth do not give you more wisdom, they are called wisdom teeth because they generally come out when you’re older (and hopefully wiser), around the ages of 17 to 21.

Why does it hurt during eruption of wisdom tooth?

The wisdom teeth may hurt because they do not have enough room in the jaw to fully erupt. In some cases, they can be misaligned; possibly positioned horizontally or angled towards or away from the other molars. If left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can potentially harm adjacent teeth, the jawbone and the nerves. Most times, it is advised that wisdom teeth should be removed early before it causes more problems.

Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The growth of wisdom teeth can cause several complications, such as:

1. Tooth Decay

Plaque and food particles can gather around the partially erupted wisdom tooth, causing it and/or the adjacent tooth to rot.

2. Gum Pain and Swelling

Improperly erupted wisdom teeth are breeding grounds for bacteria and may cause infection of the overlying gums. This infection can cause pain, bad breath, limited jaw movement and swelling.

3. Crowding of Teeth

Erupting wisdom teeth can push adjacent teeth out of alignment, causing crowding of teeth, also known as Malocclusion.

4. Cysts

Formation of cysts or tumours around an impacted tooth can occur, leading to destruction of surrounding jawbone and neighbouring teeth. These conditions may require complex and extensive treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Process


Examination & X-ray

Our dentist will conduct an examination of the mouth and x-rays to determine the position of the wisdom teeth, their condition and the status of the adjacent teeth and bone.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

During the surgery, the tooth and surrounding area will be numbed by the Local Anaesthesia. You will not feel pain, but you will feel some pressure and vibrations.

wisdom tooth recovery


After surgery, some minor bleeding from the wound can be expected. Painkillers, antibiotics and an antiseptic mouthwash are usually prescribed too.

Side Effects

What are the risks of wisdom teeth surgery?

Wisdom teeth surgery is commonly performed and generally safe. There may be facial swelling, pain, jaw stiffness and some bleeding for up to 2 weeks. These symptoms are usually at their worst for the first 2 or 3 days, and will gradually improve.

Specific complications of having wisdom teeth removed are uncommon but may include:

Accidental damage to other teeth and jaw during surgery.

Severe pain caused by infection (dry socket)
This is when the blood clot breaks away from the wound.

Numbness in the lower lip or tongue
This can be caused by nerve damage and there is a small chance that this could be permanent.

Jaw stiffness
The mouth may not be able to open fully when the wound is healing.


After Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

  • Bite hard on the gauze for at least an hour.
  • Do not change the gauze too frequently (keep gauze for at least 20min) as it prevents effective clotting.
  • Do not rinse vigorously or spit for at least 24 hours.
  • Drink straight from the cup instead of using a straw.
  • You can rinse gently a few times a day with warm salt water after 24 hours.
  • Have a good rest at home.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, hot foods & drinks for the rest of the day to minimize bleeding.
  • If bleeding occurs, apply clean gauze to wound area and bite firmly for 30 minutes.
  • If profuse bleeding persists, please call us at 64751028.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery FAQs

Wisdom teeth surgery is commonly performed and generally safe. There may be facial swelling, pain, jaw stiffness and some bleeding for up to 2 weeks. These symptoms are usually at their worst for the first 2 or 3 days, and will gradually improve.

Yes, you can! Dentalplus is a Medisave accredited dental clinic. To ensure a fuss-free process, all claims are processed by us and there is no need for upfront cash payment.

Our wisdom tooth removal surgery costs from $850 –$ 1,250 per site.

This depends on the dentist available. If you book with our specialist oral surgeon and if time permits, we can arrange for the same day. If you are in pain, rest assured that we will do our best to address that. Whether or not your wisdom tooth can be extracted the day itself also depends on the condition of your tooth, paperwork, medications before surgery etc.

Yes, it is possible to remove all your wisdom teeth together. However, in some cases, for recovery and ease of eating food after the surgery, we may recommend removing 2 teeth at one time rather than all at the same time. Another exception is if you have any medical conditions, we may remove one side first to check your healing. Depending on your oral condition, we may give you medication to reduce swelling before we proceed. Our ethos is to always do what works best for our patients, to ensure that surgery is less painful and with fewer risks of complications.

We issue 5-8 days for surgery after wisdom tooth removal surgery. For normal extraction, we will provide 1-2 days Medical Certificate.

Yes, although they are advanced self-dissolving stitches, we would recommend removal at 7 days so food doesn’t get trapped. It doesn’t hurt to have stitches removed and only takes a few seconds to remove. After a month, we will also follow up to check for proper healing and remove the superficial stitches but keep the internal stitches to prevent agitating the wound.

Still have burning questions about wisdom tooth surgery? We’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQs on Wisdom Tooth Removal.

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DentalPlus Clinic is an AIA accredited clinic. Patients with AIA Dental coverage can enjoy treatment under AIA coverage.

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We are CPF Medisave accredited for dental surgery. Approved procedures include wisdom teeth surgery, dental implants and biopsy.

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We also provide subsidized co-payment inclusive to outpatient dental services under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). 

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Jennet Haling
Jennet Haling
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Overall have a good experience and treatment with Dentalplus. Friendly peoples :)
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Rosita Edwards
I am very happy with my dental experience at Dental Plus Clinic at Telok Blangah. Dr Therese was very professional and always smiling so gave me confidence as I really am paranoid just listening to the machine. She will ask me how I feel and to show my hand if I am uncomfortable. Dr Therese will also tell me what she is going to do beforehand. I am pleased that I have indeed found a dental clinic to take care of me. I am also please that their front desk representative is very kind and gentle too.
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David Sam
The dentist has been very attentive, informing every step she will take. She also prompted me to hand up if feel discomfort. Throughout scaling, she was gentle in treatment. Highly recommended as a dental servicing place.
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Ong Junxiang
Dentist (Dr. Mabel) and assistant were professional, friendly and meticulous in their work. Receptionist was polite and prompt. Timely reminders were also given well before the actual appointment date. Rescheduling process was also smooth and convenient. 5/5 👍
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Abdul Jalil
To put it simple and straight forward, DentalPlus, a dental clinic you will feel safe to go to. From welcoming to experience to professionalism, service. Calm and smiling reception, very welcoming. Greeting and readily listening Dental Practitioner. Understands and confirms issue, explains in a easy to understand term, asks before proceeding to next procedure. It takes away the patient's anxiety of the dental treatment. Very assuring, taking time to treat you in best way possible. Made me feel at ease. No time or money wasted here and very pleased with the care and treatment received. The premise is immaculate. Will highly recommend DentalPlus to anyone at the next opportunity.
Sarah Bupe
Sarah Bupe
Went to the clinic last week. I was attended by Dr Mabel. Found the whole experience rather pleasant even though i was in pain with a toothache. Dr Mabel was very clear with her explanations and gentle with her procedures. For once, my phobia for dentists diminished . Would definitely be going back to Dentalplus for my regular check ups.

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